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The Value of a strong Advisor/TPA relationship

With a TPA, you can focus on what you do best
Third-party administrators (TPAs) can help you build your retirement plan business and reduce your administrative burden.

Win more business

Increase plan sponsors’ confidence and win more business by delivering an effective TPA solution for their plans’ administrative and compliance needs.

Add TPA experience

Help plan sponsors maximize their benefits through creative plan design, manage plan restatements and navigate complex regulatory requirements.

Focus on your practice

Leverage the experience of a TPA to help you manage more plans without expanding your staff. This gives you more time to support other areas of your practice.

Provide local support

A TPA can often provide face-to-face support to help plan sponsors of both large and small plans deal with complex retirement plan matters and any issues that may require extra attention.

Benefit from loyal client relationships

A TPA often earn plan sponsors’ trust as an independent third party. You can benefit from financial professional referrals and valuable feedback to help you better serve plan sponsors.

Improve retention rates

A TPA will work closely with plan sponsors and can help minimize client loss.

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