What is the NEXt retirement solution?

Good day!! - So what is this thing we keep talking about, called NEXt ? Candidly, it's only the coolest innovation in retirement plans (that you've likely never heard about)! One of the fastest growing and most talked about areas in retirement industry today is helping folks get retirement plans set up easier, more efficiently and get people retired. NEXt has built it so you don't have to!

How's this work? Well let's face it- there hasn't been much improvements in the way retirement plans are sold since the inception of the 401k. This is for a number of reasons... Well, there are just a lot of moving parts, like finding a prospect, choosing a TPA, choosing a record-keeper, managing the funds, doing educational enrollment meetings. Let's not forget all the industry specific jargon and even more litigation and liability on plan sponsors than ever before.

How does our cool retirement innovation work? Well, by making retirement plans truly simple. Yep, said simple.

The solution collects data online, proposals out same day. Plan designs are check a box and turnkey. Even the application paperwork is via DocuSign... all built for speed. Here's the coolest part -- as the the NEXt solution functions as Multiple-Employer-Aggregated-Plan or "MEAP" for short, it was built to leverage scale of all adopting plan sponsors. Choose your plan design and broker and away you go... as your plan grows, your charges decrease -- automatically! As the total NEXt solution grows, your plan charges decrease... Amazing right? What else, well, it has a built in 3(16) administration and 3(38) investment fiduciary service so your plan is ALWAYS COMPLIANT! How's that for lowering your risk? The world is changing like never before. One of our favorite quotes is by Henry Ford who said, "...If i asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses...". Yet we know how the innovation of mobile transportation changed the face of America forever. Ever shop on Amazon? A more recent example of success in innovation, making the shopping experience easier - leveraging scale to make a better outcome. NEXt capitalizes the same way, and amazingly at a fraction of the cost.

Now not every plan is the right fit for NEXt , but see if we can be a good solution for you, or the clients you serve, let's schedule a time to talk. or reach to us at 516-723-NEXt (6398)

I wish you continued health and success!!!

By: Mark A Gajowski II

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